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You should note that while this method works effectively, it takes plenty of time to make a good amount of money.You play the game the same way you play the other FIFA games. This means that you use the same buttons that you use in playing the other games. Just like with the other games, you can participate in tournaments for you to get FIFA 16 coins or you can buy the coins in your favorite store.

While buying FIFA 16 coins is the easiest way of getting coins to Fifa 16 Coins play FIFA 16, you should ensure that you buy the coins from a reputable fifa coins store.Here you need to choose a famous player and find the price that he is going for. After doing this you should take away the EA's tax which is usually 5% the price of the player. This means that if a player is going for 5000 coins you need to deduct a 5% tax in order to get the exact price of the player.

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